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Guy-X (2005) Movie Review

Guy-X (2005) Movie Review


A seemingly good but actually horrendous black comedy trying to simulate those wonderful satires from the best authors of the world that ends up delivering a piece of boring cinema movies that can be watched free online in MegaMovies that have let many people really disappointed as it came from the hands of Saul Metztein, a critically acclaimed director and writer from his first movie “Late Nite Shopping” who became one of those lost talents in Hollywood as he couldn’t deliver great quality anymore.

Movie Background

Salut Metztein, a Scottish director who has received great critical acclaim thanks to his first film Late Nite Shopping in 2001 is now trying with other genres and movies. However, the outcome is not as great as the first movie, being really disappointing for a lot of critics and most of all, for all those who were already a fan of his.

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The movie is about some kind of G.I Joe military guy trying to do a cover mission in Greenland during the Cold War in 1979 when he finds out that he has been sent by mistake. Now, Rudy Spruance played by Jason Biggs (American Pie Saga) along with Sgt. Irene Teal portrayed by Natascha McElhone and Col. Woolwrap depicted by Jeremy Northam, are now trying to find out their way in this inhospitable place.

Even though the concept looks great, the actors delivered some above-average performances and the location looked actually good in the camera, there were some major problems with the film. And that’s what we need to explain now…

What it is About

Written by John Paul Chapple and Steve Attridge, this movie is really similar to different novels and stories of the past centuries that were mainly political satires and post-war dramas and comedies. However, this movie centers itself in a kind of adaptation from the John Griesemer’s fabulous novel “No One Thinks of Greenland” with dates and epoch changed to 1979 when the Soviet Union was the only and bigger threat in the world.

As said before, this movie is set in 1979, June. Rudy Spruance, played by Biggs is a corporal who’s dropped as a cover soldier in a military base but had a little problem… mosquitoes! Yes, he started to get bitten so much that he eventually passed out.

When he woke up, he finds out that he was supposed to be sent to Hawaii and not Greenland, a huge mistake of place that made him go almost crazy. However, the movie is not as boring as you’d think as it eventually gets a little laughable at least when everybody starts calling him Paderson.

Now, he starts to look for sense in the base he was dropped in, and he eventually met a badly damaged guy who was wounded and being treated at the base’s hospital as a patient, this guy name was X (played by Michael Ironside). After he met X, he starts to realize that in that base there are a few more things than what he can see…

Where the Drama Begins

Rudy then also meets with the Col. Lane Woolwrap who’s an army tedious guy similar to those characters in “Catch-22” that refuses to believe that he was supposed to be sent on a different mission as a cover soldier and tells Rudy that he was supposed to be a morale-boosting writer for their newspaper.

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On the other hand, we can see how he meets Sgt. Irene Teale, the assistant, and kind-of girlfriend of Woolwrap. For what you can take from the first part is that there’s something deeper to the movie than just a guy dropped by mistake on a remote island and that there will be something happening between him and the girl.

The movie is not as boring as you would think in the first part, but it fails at depicting the real boring soldiers it should have had.

On the second part, Rudy finds out about a building where all the top-secret documents, archives and “experiments”. This is where he meets with Guy X, a man with his body totally mangled and with his face totally melted, making it almost impossible for he to talk, but he finds the way to explain Rudy about the real reasons of why they’re there, as they come from the Vietnam war and are left in this room until they die.

Then, Rudy starts to look for the, let’s say – truth. He goes directly to find out what’s happening really, and then he easily stumbles with documents and files from all the men and the real reason of why they’re there. They are all a troop sent to Vietnam commanded by Woolwrap who are supposed to be dead.

From here on, the movie starts to build up, where the plot starts to develop itself and the movie brings a little more enjoyment, especially when it comes to the great photography and the tension the director could hold in the interior of the bunker due to the characters in contrast with the atmosphere outside in the arctic summer.

What Guy X The Movie Delivers

The movie is great! We made that clear in the beginning, it has some huge mistakes in the script, especially because it couldn’t deliver a parallelism in the story, making it a little hard to follow, but mostly, this script failed because it didn’t have any emotional approach, making it a little too gray for a wonderful idea like this.

Even though the writers wanted to depict great novels like “M.A.S.H” and “Catch-22” in this movie, there wasn’t much to be acclaimed or taken as a good delivery. However, there were some good performances on the side of the actors, making it at least presentable in that part, good enough to be seen and enjoyed a little.
Biggs, for example, delivers a great and solid performance. McElhone delivers a clean and firm performance that goes great with her beauty and emotional acting. Even so, the movie didn’t have enough emotional background with lots of things to talk about but never resolved.

scene from guy x the movie

Northam, on the other hand, doesn’t deliver the necessary accent for the movie, making it a little dull sometimes. Also, his performance wasn’t the best, as he needed to be crazier for his character and much funnier also, but at least he could depict his relationship with the Sgt. Good enough to be credible. However, we think that even though he didn’t match the character necessary profile, he still gave a pretty decent acting.


Guy X wasn’t a horrible movie, at least. It was horrendous for some people, but a little decent for others. The only thing that was good enough to be acclaimed was the way it depicted the wonderful location in Greenland, with sunsets, outdoor scenes, wonderful environment and landscape with no equal in the world thanks to the photography by Francois Dagenais.

This movie has its moments. It is a watchable movie for a long Sunday afternoon, but if you want to watch free movies online streaming, there are a lot of better opportunities for you to enjoy of good filmmaking.



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