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Natascha McElhone Actress – Biography/Filmography

Natascha McElhone Actress – Biography/Filmography


Natasha Abigail Taylor, or mostly known as Natascha McElhone for his professional and artistic name, is a British actress with both English and Irish descent who has performed in TV, film, shorts, documentaries and many other ways of filmmaking. She’s mostly known for her roles in movies like Ronin, The Truman Show, Solaris and the TV series Californication.

Early Years of Natascha

Natascha McElhone was born in Walton on the Thames in London on the 14th of December in 1969. She is the daughter of Noreen McElhone and Michael Taylor, both British journalists at the time. As you see, she loved her mother’s maiden name and took it as her stage and professional nick. On the other hand, she was not the only artist in the family, her brother, Damon, is a scriptwriter who hasn’t been as lucky as his sister. She also has two other half-brothers, Nicholas and Alexander, who live in Stockholm.

However, Natascha studied in many schools when she was a kid and teenager. The last of those was the Camden School for Girls where she graduated with a high-school diploma. She also attended St. Mary’s Hall School for Girls and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art later, where she graduated from in 1993.

As you see, Natascha was always a very creative girl who has a lot of talent in her veins and genes, making her an almost infallible person to reach stardom. But the situation is other, even though she’s not as famous as many other actresses in the academy, she still managed to be recognized for being great.

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Natascha Career as an Actress

As many of the greatest actors in the industry do, she started in the theater with roles in various plays like Richard III, Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Cherry Orchard, and many others, in theaters like the Open Air Theater located in Regent’s Park in London, and the Haymarket Theater in Leicester.

After a great little trajectory in theaters, she made her debut on the little screen in 1991 on the BBC’s show Bergerac, and she was also seen in one or two episodes in the show called Absolutely Fabulous in the year 1992 when she was already 23-years-old.

After some kind of experience in the field, she was already having a little success while studying drama, and that’s when in 1993 she got her first big role as a leading actress in the Drama Merchant Ivory’s Surviving Picasso, alongside the wonderful Anthony Hopkins.

After that, she made it to other great roles as a leading and supportive on major films that made her win some recognition in the industry. Movies like The Truman Show in 1998 alongside Jim Carrey, The Devil’s Own with Brad Pitt, Ronin alongside Robert De Niro and Solaris where she acted at the side of the great George Clooney.

In 2005, however, she came back to the little screen again with the NBC’s miniseries Revelations alongside Bill Pullman. She also starred in the theater play called Honour alongside Diana Rigg and Martin Jarvis. However, one of the best things she could have done was accept the role as Karen in one of the TV series that got her to a lot of critical appraisals in the TV series Californication with David Duchovny. In Guy X Movie she preformed together with Jason Biggs.

scene from Guy X Movie

Even though she has had some great roles on TV and the big screen, she still finds it difficult to get big roles and eventually be recognized as a great actress. However, we know that he has been in great projects lately.

Natascha Latest Projects

On these last few years, Natascha has been in many projects and has worked very hard. With roles in movies like Romeo and Juliet on an adaptation she was on as the mother of Juliet, Lady Capulet, where she acted wonderfully alongside the aspiring and very promising Hailee Steinfield and the great and little-known actor Damian Lewis.

In 2014 she played Alex Forrest in the play Fatal Attraction, she also played in 2015 Sarah Churchill in the play Royal Shakespeare Company. However, her last works in the little or big screen include Designated Survivor, for which she was cast in 2016 alongside the wonderful Kiefer Sutherland. Also, she has most recently been in The Kid, and other movies like The Theatre of Dreams, The Sea, and other projects we little know about.

Lately, she hasn’t been able to be in the eye of the media or stardom, but we know that she as an actress has a lot to show and offer to the industry. That’s why she’s still there fighting, and with enough effort and her talent, we know that she will sooner or later come back to the popularity she had in the past decade.


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