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Jason Biggs Actor Biography/Filmography

Jason Biggs Actor Biography/Filmography


Jason Matthew Biggs or mostly known as just Jason Biggs is an American actor who was born in 1978, on the 12th of May in Pompton Plains, in the town of Pequannock Township in New Jersey. He’s the son of the nurse Angela Zocco, and Gary Louis Biggs, a manager from a shipping company. Both parents have somehow an Italian descent, his father being a mix of English and Italian but his mother being completely Sicilian descent.

He’s mostly known for his roles in American Pie and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, portraying Jim Levenstein in the former and the voice of the turtle Leonardo in the latter. Now, he’s mostly recognized for his role as Larry Bloom in the famous TV Series Orange is the New Black, but he has also appeared in other TV shows like Loser and Saving Silverman, both from the 2010s.

Early Life

Before being an actor with lots of fame and popularity, he started as a soap opera actor in the role of Pete Wendell in the wonderful “As the World Turns” for which he was nominated for the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in the Daytime Emmy Awards of 1995.

However, before being awarded that prize, he assisted high school in the Hasbrouck Heights High School, in the town of the same name Hasbrouck Heights where he spent most of his teenage years and even achieved a lot of success in sports like tennis.

He also went to college before being a star, but as most stars do, he eventually dropped out and became an actor. He assisted to Montclair State University for only three weeks, after that, he has never come back to an academic environment like a university or college.

On the Road to Stardom

He initiated his career as an actor as early as 14-years-old in 1991, where he debuted on television in the FOX drama series Drexell’s Class. On the other hand, even before that, in 1988, he made it to the Screen Actors Guild by receiving a card for being part of a TV commercial for Pathmark where he deliberately showed his attributes and skills as a young child actor at just 10-years-old.

He was later many times awarded some roles in movies and TV series, however, he later decided to attend college at New York University for just some month from 1996 to 1997, but he eventually returned to acting that same year with one of his greatest and most known roles in Camp Stories. However, the best thing he achieved was a great role in the internationally famous American Pie as Jim Levenstein that made him one of the most recognizable actors in film comedy.

American Pie had three releases, from the first in 1999, the second in 2001 and the last in 2012. In all of these three releases he shared screen with other also famous actors from this series like Alyson Hannigan in the role of Nadia (also works with him in Orange is The New Black), Chris Klein in the role of Chris Ostreicher mostly known as Oz, Seann William Scott in the role of Stiffler and Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch.

Popular Roles

In addition to his famous role in American Pie, he has also starred in other great movies in American Pie movie posterwhich he has made it clear that he is a great actor. From movies like Loser in 2000, Saving Silverman in 2001 and 2002s production The Graduate in Broadway, Biggs has been known for being really flexible and adaptive to various genres and narratives, being able to perform greatly in many different roles throughout his career.

One of these great roles was the one he portrayed in Anything Else, a movie from Woody Allen in 2003 where he’s in the shoes of Jerry Falk and for which he won great recognition and where critics have said is one of his best performances.

Another role that he was appraised for was the one in Modern Orthodox where he plays an Orthodox Jew in the Daniel Goldfarb’s 2004 comedy as a theater actor in New York. However, he has also been seen in MTV reality shows, like “Blowin’ Up with Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone” where he later made it to some music videos from E-40, a rapper of the Bay Area of New York and for which he was recognized as a flexible actor.

Later, he made it to a lot of other films, including the famous Texas Ranges and the drama-comedy film Over Her Dead Body. Also, he starred in movies like My Best Friend’s Girl, Lower Learning, Happiness Isn’t Everything, Life Happens and Grassroots, plus many other roles in TV series, shorts, and documentaries he has been a part of.

The latest of his works include Larry Bloom in the famous comedy series Orange is the New Black where he played for only two seasons, and Leonardo in the Teenage Mutant Turtles animation series in 2012 to 2014 where he was later replaced by Seth Green.

Recent Works and Projects

In the last few years, he has been in just a few films and TV series. Among those, we can name Amateur Night (2016) where he plays the leading role as Guy Carter, and one minor role in Two For One from 2016 also, where he plays Marcus.

He also portrayed Jason in the TV series called “I like You Just The Way I Am” from the hands of his recent and loved, forever best friend and co-star of his Jenny Mollen who wrote it.
Right now he’s working on two movies, Charlie Foxtrot from the hands of Todd Holland to be aired this 2017 and the soon-to-be-released Coup D’Etat where he plays a minor role as Mr. Spines in this movie made by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse.

Personal Curiosities

As an actor, Biggs is a completely Jewish character is almost every one of his movies and TV Jason Biggs contribution in Society of Americaroles. However, as a real person, Biggs is known for not being that religious. Although he has made it clear that he has nothing against religion.

On the other hand, he’s actually married to Jenny Mollen who we mentioned before, a co-star and friend for life of his, that wrote and directed “I Like You Just The Way I Am” from which both had won a lot of critical appraisals. Both Jenny and Jason had a son in 2014.

Even though he’s known for being a comedian and really creative actor on screen, many people have criticized him for his jokes and black humor many times. He has Twitted many things on social media that people have found disgraceful and “not funny at all”, where he has also mocked the death of other popular names in Hollywood.

But Biggs is known for being a good guy and a really great actor who has made it to the screen since he was just a child. That’s why we believe that Biggs has given enough to the film industry, but he can still give much more if he tries.



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